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Wammes & Partner GmbH

An der Weidenmühle 2
67598 Gundersheim
Telefon: +4962449197100
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Display Troubleshooter Wammes & Partner is your service provider and consultant for problem solving in electronic displays and embedded systems. The main areas of display troubleshootings for electronic displays are Display heat management, display bonding, 3d display, troubleshooting, embedded display, special light, measurement services and analyses, and display decontamination. Wammes is your expert if you integrator, manufacturer or (only) professional user of electronic displays. The Services focus on analysis, elimination and above all avoidance of display problems as well as a suitable training and classification. Wammes is your expert display problem solver and helps you both in the conception as well as in the production and care in the conception and production of electronic displays and embedded systems. You can find out everything else online and on request!

Kontakt: Herr Klaus Wammes
Telefon: +4962449197100

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